Making Money With Bermi Application

Bermi App is a mobile application where you can make money. You can download the Bermi App for Android and iOS phones for free and make money according to your usage.

Bermi Application Installation

Install the application on your phone by clicking the links below depending on your operating system. You can create an account with your Facebook, Google ID or email address. It is possible to change your username later, but sometimes there are problems. Therefore, if you have an audience or if you intend to create a user name during registration, select the best I say.

Bermi App Monetization

With Bermi App you can earn money in 4 different ways.

1- Daily Bonus: The daily bonus works like this.

  1. When you log in 10 EMOG
  2. When you log in 20 EMOG
  3. When you log in 10 EMOG
  4. When you log in 10 EMOG
  5. When you log in 30 EMOG
  6. When you log in 10 EMOG
  7. When you log in 100 EMOG

In this way, the 8th day returns to the beginning of the ranking. If there is a gap between the days, it starts to count like the first day. Opening the app once a day you gain 190 EMOGs per week. ( What is EMOG If you ask, I will explain soon. :))

2- All Day Bonus: A day-long bonus is a bonus that you can collect many times a day regardless of your daily bonus. It is a bit difficult to specify exact times because sometimes the order changes but on average it works like this.

Log in and out You received 10 EMOGs, you received 5 EMOGs after 1 minute, 5 EMOGs after 10 minutes, 10 EMOGs after 30 minutes, 20 EMOGs after 1 hour and 10 EMOGs after one minute he goes. So you can collect prizes every time you open the application. There is no rule to get these bonuses, so you can open the app and close it as soon as you get the score. There are no situations like displaying ads or a certain period of time.

3- Video Upload: As we said in the beginning, the purpose of the application is video content platform. The difference from Tik Tok is that it distributes a large portion of its earnings to its users. Bermi each when you upload video 50 EMOG Giving. In addition As you watch your video, you continue to earn EMOG for 7 days.

4- Reference Bonus: As in every money-saving system, the Bermi application has a reference system. For each user registered with your Bermi reference code gives you 100 EMOGs. In addition, you will receive bonuses or video uploads. EMOG according to your turn You continue to gain EMOG.

EMOG What?

EMOG Bermi is a currency that your application uses within the application for easy numerical writing. You can convert the EMOGs you have collected in the application into Dollars instantly.

Currently 20,000 EMOG = $ 1 = $ 5

You can also decide whether to use this account. But if you have a high following on platforms like Tik Tok, I recommend you to use Bermi.

Bermi Application Withdrawal

In practice you can withdraw money in 2 different ways. Turkey also because PayPal works I Etherea You can withdraw money to your account. If you do not have a Crypto Wallet, you can get help from this Article. Lower withdrawal limit I Etherea $ 0.5 for

  • PayPal
  • I Etherea

NOTE: If you want to earn more serious coins CSAPP Application Introduction Be sure to check my post!


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