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We will examine how and how much money we can make with the Miner game, which is among the Best Money Making Sites. Miner game is a domestic site that shares advertising revenue with users. The site, which has been in operation since mid-2018, has made regular payments to date. As I mentioned before, I do not promote the sites and applications that I have not received payment.

Sites were detected by google and ad serving stopped. Therefore there are currently 1 active site.

Game Winning Garden Distributing Ad Revenue

There is no problem of not receiving payment on the sites I have introduced. However, earnings on non-invested sites are relatively low at the same rate. Now let's see how the Miner game is played and how much money we can make.

Miner Game What is and How to Play?

Miner game is an online gaming platform designed to generate additional income to users. The aim of the game is to earn money for users who earn money by logging in to the site. The Miner Game is simpler and requires less labor than its peers.

How to Play?

Our game is simplified as much as possible. When you register, you build a Mine and start producing diamonds.
The means of production have a certain level of energy, and you must renew it before it runs out of energy.

In summary, a few times a day to enter the site is enough to do a very short process. Of course, it's important to click on ads because site revenue is indirectly linked to your revenue.

Miner Game How Much Money Can I Make?

As with other sites, how much money you earn depends on how much advertising revenue the site earns. Miner game is a 2-3 month site yet google low income per click. If you are already a member and skip the level after a few months will save a good site.

Although the site is new in December 2018 advertising revenue was 13 thousand pounds. Personally, my earnings in the first month was 26 TL. This figure will be 100-150 TL after a few months. If you have the power of reference, you can earn more.

Withdraw from Miner Game

The miner game transfers your winnings to your bank account on the 20th of the following month. In the coming period, payment methods such as PaPara and Paribu will be added.

There is a Chat section where you can chat with other users. In this way, you can exchange information and chat.

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