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All of the following sites are monetized in 2019 with or without investment. You can become a free member and start making money.

NOTE: (Last Updated: November 28, 2019) Some sites have been removed from the list because they do not pay and / or are problematic. Newly opened sites are also added after testing.

For Current Mining Sites; Follow the Paying Mining Sites Article!

Monetized Cloud Mining Sites

Cloud mining, cloud mining, became popular again with the rise in Bitcoin prices. So much so that in recent years, many companies have embarked on the mining business for Bitcoins and sub-coins. Since this is a legitimate and money-making business, it is difficult to make money without any investment. Even if you win, there will be very low numbers. I've invested hundreds of sites after trying to pay the sites I'll build with you. However, I do not recommend you to make very high investments, do not shake you to invest in figures.

Although I do not pay for any site I do not guarantee. Each investor should conduct their own risk analysis.

Only in 2019, dozens of mining sites were opened, some introduced, some never introduced. Mizes and Dualmine are two sites where we receive regular payments for 1 year. How much you will invest in your initiative, within two sites did not have payment problems.

Trusted Company Exorion

Exorion is an investment company. In other words, the company invests in various exchanges with the funds it collects and distributes a large part of its profits to its investors. He's been paying regularly for two months. One of the most reliable sites but the investment rates are a bit high. You can invest if your budget is appropriate. 

Click for registration link.

Mizes Cloud Mining

This is the most money-saving cloud mining site. An official Cloud Mining company based in Norway. I got paid 8 times. Payments are made within an average of 4-5 hours. It has been in operation for about a year.

You can become a member of Mizes by clicking here

Dual Mine Cloud Mining

Dual Mine is an official Cloud Mining company based in the UK. There are various campaigns for new members.

Subscribe to Dual Mine by clicking here

One Coins Investment Site (New)

This site is based in England and started operations on 29 October 2019. This is the 2nd day of the site and is currently paying. My advice is not to invest too high. Second, invest in Payeer or DOGE. If you have a Payeer account, register with your Payeer number or your DOGE wallet address. You can shoot daily. (Don't invest with other coins!)

On the page that opens, simply paste your DOGE wallet number or your Payeer account ID starting with P and call SUMBIT. After you register, you can invest as much as you want from MAKE DEPOSIT section.

not PAY

VEKX GLOBAL LLC Investment Company

The site belongs to an American-based company and has been in operation since September. It is an official company, but I do not recommend investing at very high rates. 

Click here to register.

Cloud Mining Sites

From the following sites i received payment but I did not invest. More insecure sites than the sites I've shared above. Those who want to take risks can invest. It is possible to make a low profit without investing.

Hash Leak is a new site yet. Gives you free 150Gs / h and free Gs / h within your references. Try it with no investment or low investment.  Click here to register.

Hash Vision site is also a new site. It gives 150Gs / h without investment. You can invest a small amount if you want. Click here to register

Set Mine a new cloud mining site where you can make money without investment and investment. You can get a low rate of profit without investing. Those who want to invest at a low rate. Click here to become a member

Ad Monetized Sites

Don't confuse making money by clicking ads with sites that share site revenue by clicking on Google ads. This method has been used for almost 15 years and is a necessary service. Here is the person or organization that wants you to visit the site that pays the money. So for example, you have opened a site and you want to promote your site, google's eye to increase the number of daily users. In such a case, you do this by paying a fee per click to these ad click sites. Since there are too many sites in this area, I have chosen the most reliable and most monetizing ad click site that is worth the time you spend.

Make Money by Clicking Ad with AdBTC Site

Click Here to Register

Bitcoin and Sub Coin Winning Sites

Bitcoins and sub-coins have become the most popular investment instrument again after a prolonged decline, with a continuous rise for the last 8 months. You can earn many types of coins like Bitcoin ETH, LTC, DOGE for free without investing with the sites I will share below.

ETH Flash Free Ethereum Winning Site

This site is new but pays. Nevertheless, I do not recommend investing (buying devices). You can earn a free Ethereum every 5 minutes.

ETHFlash Click here to register

Free Bitcoin Winning

Free Bitcoin Site

Free Ethereum Winning

Free Ethereum

Free Litecoin Winning

Free Litecoin Site

Free DOGE Coin Winning

Free DOGE Coin

Free Bitcoin Winning

Free Bitcoin Site

Winning Free Dollars

You can earn free dollars here

Multi Coin Winning

Subscribe to the site where you can earn multiple coins

To earn coins from the following 7 sites, you must first sign up for CoinPot.

Sign up for CoinPot first, then subscribe to the following sites with the same email address.

  1. Bitcoin to win
  2. Bitcoin to win
  3. To earn Bitcoin
  4. DOGE to win
  5. LTC to win
  6. To win DASH
  7. BCH to win

Links have been removed because the FaucetHub site will soon change its existing infrastructure (in December 2019).

Money Making Games

The most popular monetization site model of the last 2 years is Google Adwords, which distributes advertising revenue to its users. Sites encourage users to click on ads and distribute a large portion of their earnings to their users. However, due to the increase in the number of copy sites in the last 6 months, malicious site administrators have multiplied, on the other hand, Google has stopped advertising on many sites because it acts contrary to Adsense policies. Games usually progress with farm or mine logic. Although you click on the ads every day, in order to earn money, your animal must not die or your mine should be closed by the end of the month. Games users online as they play and earn money from the income of the system as they play. * Certainly does not demand money and other virtual coins from you. Games that do not currently have payment problems are as follows.

Tip: You can earn very low numbers because the only revenue of these games is the advertising revenue you click on. Since advertising revenues are too low to Turkey and you will be more than 3 ad tıklayabiliyork your average monthly earnings of 20-30 per day. This is not worth the time you spend to gain, if you have constant computer access, I recommend the sites and applications in my site.

Sites were detected by google and ad serving stopped. Therefore there are currently 1 active site.

Game Winning Garden Distributing Ad Revenue


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